The Orcs of Deep Keep



Dark Future / Agenda

The Orcs in the Stone Thief are part of a raiding party whos mission was to seize control of the Stone Thief and deliver it to the Orc Lord. They made it to Deep Keep before getting stopped and are now entrenched and mostly just marauders who profit when the dungeon feeds. If there mission ever succeeds they deliver the worlds most powerful siege weapon to the Orc Lord.

Description / Cast

The Orcs followed a warlord called Fangrot into the Stone Thief with the goal of taking control. However, they were stopped in Deep Keep, a massive maze-like castle half way through. Now they are camping there, pillaging when the dungeon feeds, enslaving those swallowed as well, and supposedly preparing to continue their campaign. Fangrot has no plans to continue and has secretly made a pact with the dungeon for protection.

Stakes and Questions

Will Fangrot take up his quest again and finish what he started?

Will Fangrot be overthrown by Greyface, Grimtusk, or the Stoneborn orcs?

Will the slaves revolt against the orcs?

Will the Vizier’s plans be revealed?

Will the cult grow tired of the orcs and attempt to remove them forcefully?

Will the stoneborn orcs overthrow their surface born brothers?

Overall Countdown

Threats / Dangers


Kind & Goal

Corrupt Government (impulse: to maintain the status quo)

Description & Cast

Fangrot has made a deal with the Vizier to protect the Deep Keep in return for destroying the cultists but he is delaying his end of the deal. If pushed he may fulfill his part or finally complete the mission for the Orc Lord.

  • Vizier – Custodian of the Deep Keep and advisor to Fangrot. He pushes Fangrot to invade the lower levels and destroy the cult.
  • Grimtusk – One of the orc leaders, he wants to overthrow Fangrot to remove the risk they might one day complete their mission
  • Greyface – A true Orc Lord loyalist who wishes to overthrow Fangrot


Making good on his promise to the Vizier
0-3: Biding his time
3-6: Biding his time
6-9: Biding his time
9-10: Learns one of the eyes has been found
10-11: Leads forces against the cult
11-12: Destroys the cult

Finishing his mission for the Orc Lord
0-3: Biding his time
3-6: Biding his time
6-9: Biding his time
9-10: The Vizier is killed or betrays him
10-11: Leads forces deeper into the dungeon
11-12: Enacts the ritual of binding


Kind & Goal

Cannibal (impulse: to consume and swarm)

Grimtusk’s orcs have no loyalty to the Orc Lord and simply wish to remain in the Stone Thief and benefit from the wealth and power.


Grimtusk revolts
0-3: Plots within the fighting pits
3-6: Gains powerful allies
6-9: Key members of Fangrot’s and Grimtusk’s retinues are killed
9-10: the revolt begins
10-11: Greyface is killed
11-12: Fangrot is killed and Grimtusk takes control of the orcs (this level falls apart unless a new deal is made).


Kind & Goal

Alpha Wolf (impulse: to hunt and dominate)

Greyface leads the orc’s group of veterans who still follow the Orc Lord. They want Greyface to take over and continue their original purpose in the dungeon.


Greyface rebels
0-3: Greyface sends out messengers to the Orc Lord
3-6: Greyface finds strong allies to support his rebellion (players or other)
6-9: Greyface assassinates several members of Fangrot’s retinue
9-10: the revolt begins
10-11: Grimtusk is killed
11-12: Fangrot is killed and Greyface takes power.

Greyface marches
0-3: Fangrot is killed
3-6: Greyface takes power
6-9: The Vizier is destroyed, makes a deal with Greyface, or retreats granting Greyface the earth spear
9-10: Greyface destroys the cult
10-11: Greyface acquires the components to bind the Stone Thief
11-12: Greyface takes control of the Stone Thief

Stoneborn Orcs

Kind & Goal

Perversion of birth (impulse: overthrow, chaos, and the ruination of all)

The Stoneborn orcs are the orcs born in the dungeon. They are completely loyal to the Stone Thief and grow in power every day. They will almost inevitably outnumber the other factions as theirs is the only one growing.


1-9: Serve as part of the orcish forces
9-10: The Stone Thief recovers one of its eyes
10-11: The Stone Thief learns of the Vizier’s plans to use the orcs to overthrow the cult
11-12: The stoneborn orcs revolt. (The Vizier or Fangrot might offer an alliance to stop them)

Lesser Fronts

Blood Sorcerers’ Godtick

Kind & Goals

Pain Addict (impulse: craves pain, its own or others)

Blind Uthe


Prophet (impulse: to denounce and overthrow)—

The Orcs of Deep Keep

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