Cloudhome is a mountain in the southwest of the Dragon Empire that reaches into the lower levels of the overworld. It is distinct for its flat peak and frequent visits by flying realms that pass extraordinarily close to the summit.

It also is the site of the dwarven city of the same name. One of the largest dwarven cities in the empire, Cloudhome is relatively remote and less trusting of outsiders than some of the cities along the northern Giantwalk, which is really saying something. Recently a great cataclysm destroyed the upper eastern face of the mountain along with the royal quarter and royal family of the dwarven city. The efforts of a group of adventurers removed the invading influence of a sect of derro that had somehow found themselves and their temple transported into the ruins of the royal quarter. With the aid of the cities storm giant ambassador Yvitte the group dispatched the derro and the pseudo-god atropal they drew their powers from. Yvitte is currently the acting ruler of Cloudhome due to a long-standing pact with the Storm Giants that grants them rulership in the event that the city becomes a threat to the overworld. The decision was also made at the suggestions of the adventurers to a mysterious individual only referred to by the monogram “L”, the representative of a powerful but unnamed organization.

Notable Persons

Istet – The local leader of the dwarven priesthood of the dead as well as the secret leader of the Lich King’s cult within their ranks.

Volmer – The royal engineer before the cataclysm that destroyed the royal family. Ever since he has been in a near non-functioning depression.

Malon (aka Lost Dwarven Child) – The niece of the now dead king. She is the last surviving member of the royal family but most believe her to be killed along with the rest of the royal family. She currently resides in Malon (aka Lost Dwarven Child) in the care of a small sect of dwarven priests.

Yvitte – The storm giant ambassador to Cloudhome. She currently rules the city due to an ancient dwarven agreement and the recommendation of the adventurers.


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