Storm giant ruling Cloudhome


Large 7th level archer [GIANT]
Initiative: +10

Enormous greatsword +12 vs. AC – 45 damage
Natural even hit or miss: The giant can make a lightning bolt attack against a random nearby enemy as a free action.

Miss: 15 damage; OR the giant can make a release the thunder attack as a free action.

R: Giant longbow + 10 vs. AC (2 attacks vs. nearby or far away enemies) – 23 damage

Natural even hit: The giant can make a lightning bolt attack against a random enemy that is nearby the target of the longbow attack.

{ Special trigger } C: Lightning bolt +12 vs. PD (one random nearby enemy) – 2d4 + 4 lightning damage

Miss: Half damage

{ Special trigger } C: Release the thunder +12 vs. PD (all nearby creatures) – 1d6 thunder damage per building thunder point (see below).

Miss: Half damage

Building thunder: Keep count of the number of times the storm giant uses its lightning bolt attack during the battle. Add that number to the escalation die to get the current building thunder value.

Skystep: A storm giant can use its standard action to walk or run through the air, using move actions to continue. If the storm giant makes a standard action, it settles back to the ground below it without falling.

Storm born: The storm giant has resist thunder 16+ and _resist lightning 16+.

AC 23
PD 22 HP 210
MD 17


Turns out Yvitte is actually pretty small for a thunder giant and this is probably the reason behind her previous ambassadorial role with the dwarves of Cloudhome. However, recently she has taken control of the city following the cataclysm that destroyed nearly all of Cloudhome’s noble family, save for Malon who is currently being raised in secret by the dwarven priests in the city of Eldolan. Yvitte fought and destroyed the source of the Derro’s power, which turned out to be an Atropal, an unformed god. The fight cost her left arm.


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