The groups handler within the "organization"


L is the individual responsible for contacting the group and bringing them together. He is a human male with a strong sense of style.


His exact allegiances and background are unclear at this pint. He is known only as “L”. He represents a larger organization that is only recognized by the presence of a symbol that multiple members recognize from around the empire at random times.

He originally brought the group together to deal with an errant flying realm infested with goblins that accosted Eldolan. Following the resolution of that threat, he gifted the group with enchanted realms that allow them to teleport to and from the business of the party when they need.

He is currently traveling northward aboard the Goblin moon with the aid of a small cadre of elves from each shard of the elven race. His objective is unknown.

During the Cloudhome investigation

“L” reached out to the party on a couple occasions during their investigation into the events at Cloudhome that resulted in the Goblin Moon incident in Eldolan. He was mainly concerned with ensuring Cloudhome remained a stable power in the region despite the loss of its ruling family. It was at his behest that the party helped install Yvitte as the acting ruler of the city.


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