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Information about the campaign. Characters, locations, important story checkpoints, items, etc.

Player Characters

Please read this before creating a new character.


The Icons found in the 13th Age core rulebook will feature prominently in this campaign with aspects of their personalities being defined by the players during character creation.


  • The Dragon Empire and all applicable cities and locations. Details will be added as they are explored.
  • Cloudhome – A mountain in the southwest Giantwalk, famed for its flat “peak” that reaches into the overworld.
  • Eldolan – A city along the western edge of Pocket Bay that is the home of many wizards and the site of The Goblin Moon incident.

Story Summary

When a small flying realm bearing a hive of goblins attack the city Eldolan a disparate group of adventurers are brought together by a mysterious secret organization to end the threat and determine what forces have been set into motion. What follows carries the group southwest through the beginnings of a demon infestation in the magically infused Dire Wood, through a long lost temporal workshop in the Giantwalk, and finally to the base of the looming slopes of Cloudhome and the dwarven city of the same name. There the group discovers not only the aftermath of a cataclysmic event with Derro at its center but a devious cult to the Lich Key.

WIth the threat that began in Cloudhome ended the group returns to Eldolan. They are quickly swept up into the strange events in a temporally unlocked inn and a race to find a treasure before a group of pirates.

Main Page

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