Malon (aka Lost Dwarven Child)

Found in the Goblin Moon after the party crash landed


Haggard, dirty, and terrified; the dwarven child is dressed as in the ragged remains of garb suggesting she is the child of a dwarven craftsman.


This child was rescued by Gili and the party following their crash landing of the Goblin Moon on the outskirts of Eldolan. How the child ended up imprisoned in a flying realm infested by goblins thousands of miles from any known major dwarven settlement is a mystery.

The group later discovered her name was Malon and that she was a survivor of some great catastrophe that occurred at her clan’s home in the mountain of Cloudhome. An event she identifies only as an earthquake chased Malon and her family from their home, which they attempted to flee by boarding the passing flying realm. Unfortunately, for them, the catastrophe also scared a horde of goblins out of their den who boarded the flying realm as well. Though the exact events between that and Eldolan are something she wouldn’t talk about. Based on the state of the flying realm when the party encountered it and the profusion of dwarven remains in the rock it is safe to assume Malon is the only survivor.

She is currently in the keeping of the dwarven priests in Eldolan’s dwarven guild.

Revelations from Cloudhome

While investigating the source of the cataclysm that destroyed Malon’s home the party discovered that Malon, is in fact, the niece of the now deceased king of Cloudhome. For the time being the party has decided to leave Malon where she is rather than introducing her to the politics of Cloudhome. Malon appears to be ignorant of her status.

Malon (aka Lost Dwarven Child)

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