A passionate member of the druid order. Lief is currently defying his mentors in order to follow his own path towards natural balance.



Lief was born a half-orc to human parents. Unfortunately, while those in the core of the empire look favorably upon the half-orc bloodline, the fridge towns see them as more of a curse. Lief was ostracized from birth as an abomination. During adolescence, Lief lived as a veritable outcast from his people. By the time of his development into a man, he had already grown to hate his fellow citizens. He self-exiled himself and joined an orc raiding party in an attempt to find his own identity. After several month with the raiders, he eventually left after finding he couldn’t connect with the party when it came to slaughtering innocence.

During this time of loss Lief was ushered into the fold of a powerful and wise druid master. Under this individual Lief studied the ways of nature and how to not only strengthen himself but to fight for the good of life itself. He is currently undergoing the intense training involved with becoming a druid.

One Unique Thing

Lief possesses an abnormally high affiliation with nature. As a result, he understands plants and animals to a degree beyond the typical druid.


+2 Lived in the borderlands. Lief’s hometown was/is a settlement on the edge of imperial influence. The people of his hometown ostracized Lief for his
half-orc race, eventually driving him out of the town.

+3 Orc Raider – After leaving his hometown Lief joined a band of orc raiders in an effort to find a connection in this world. He connected with the ruthless nature of the orcs but couldn’t relate to the slaying of innocents during orc raids. This conflict eventually led to his desertion of the orc lord’s cause.

+3 Outdoor Survivor – After leaving his home and the orc raiders Lief was lost and wandering. During this time, he found a profound connection with nature that eventually drove him to his druid skillset. However, he also learned to survive in the wilds alone.


High Druid Staff Shard – The shard of the staff wielded by an orc shaman. This is the largest intact chunk after magic at the heart of a flying realm tore the staff apart in the goblin’s hands. How exactly a goblin shaman came to wield such a powerful artifact is unknown.



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