High-elf Occultist, user of forbidden magic from a previous age


In Kronus’s time, hundreds of years ago, he practiced a reality-bending magic that was considered dangerous and banned by the Wizard King. In an experimental disaster, he accidentally froze himself in time and just appeared now in the 13th Age.

His purpose is to help create order in a chaotic world. His magic works better the more well-patterned and predictable the world is, but his reasons go deeper than that. To him, his purpose is neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’ (those terms are mere societal constructions), but rather an extension of the purpose of all life. Entropy always increases, but life is the localized reduction of entropy. He twists space and time to this same end. This does not make him a nature-lover, however. Despite superficial appearances, a jungle is much more orderly than a barren desert, yet cities and civilization are even more so.


+2 Student of Wizardry – He was a top student before his expulsion for studying forbidden magic, excelling in arcane lore, mathematics, and natural philosophy.

+4 Ruins Scavenger – For hears he sought out long-forgotten places, exploring ancient ruins and temples, in search of the lost secrets of his magical art.

+2 Clairvoyant – With much practice and meditation, he has learned to sense the past and future of people and places, giving him what seems at times to be an otherworldly intuition.

One Unique Thing

The only user of a reality-twisting magic that was last practiced long, long ago.

Icon Relationships

2- Archmage – The Archmage is also a force for order in the world, but his approach is totally different. He manipulates the elements and such in a top-down approach, whereas Kronus re-shapes reality itself in a bottom-up way. Kronus views his method as purer, but the Archmage would see them as the height of arrogance and very dangerous.

1- Prince of Shadows – The Prince is a force of anarchy and chaos. His exploits go directly against Kronus’s goals.



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