Dwarven Ranger who holds a secret she doesn't understand


Gili was raised in the court of the Dwarf King and studied as a puzzle solver in his court. When the time came for Gili to serve her requisite time in the military she chose the ranger core. Tasked with recovering lost dwarven relics, Gili’s squad stumbled into a long lost dwarven ruin. There they discovered a goblet with a strange crest on its cup. Days after sending a summary of their findings back to the Dwarf King the squad was attacked by assassins. All but Gili were killed in the attack. Fleeing into the Giantwalk Mountains, Gili lived by herself for 5 years in hiding with no one but an orphaned snow panther cub she rescued for company.


Tracking – Her years of service to the dwarven ranger core
Dwarven Ranger Squad – She formed several close friends, went on many adventures and in the end had to watch as they were all killed.
Mountain survivor – After escaping her killers she has lived for five years alone in the mountains
Royal Puzzle Solver – Raised by a family member who served as a royal puzzle solver Gili one day hoped to return to this life.

One Unique Thing

After discovering an ancient dwarven city and a mysterious goblet, Gili and her ranger squad were attacked, she alone survived. She is currently in hiding unsure of who to trust and fearing that the Dwarf King himself wants her dead.

Icon Relationships

+- Dwarf King – Gili fears the Dwarf King wants her dead after finding a mysterious ancient dwarven goblet.



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