Human Rogue/Bard who has conned almost everyone


Fernando is an ex-pirate who has at one point or another conned every icon out there. While he has made his lifestyle upon deception he has a personal code of heroism and won’t “rob” someone unless he can justify it to himself.


pirate – Fernando was once the captain of a pirate vessel until the prince of shadows destroyed his ship

con-artist – Fernando is an accomplished con-artist. He has tricked at one point or another most powerful officials in the empire.

One Unique Thing

Conned every icon at least once

Icon Relationships

-1 Prince – The prince burned his ship, the “Sea Viper”, when he learned Fernando had conned him
+- Priestess – Fernando has duped several officials of the Priestess into helping fund his “humanitarian” fund. While he has always eventually fulfilled his promise, the manner in which the promises are fulfilled are not typically in alignment with the interests of the Priestess.
+1 Emporer – During his time as a pirate, Fernando would turn in recalcitrant crew members to the imperial officials for their bounties.

Magic Items

Dagger of Luck – (recharge 16+) – If you miss, you can choose to make another attack on a different target instead of dealing miss damage. Quirk: Oblivious. (Book of Loot: pg. 50)



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