Seattle DnDnD

The Goblin Moon

A chaotic seige

The group started as a disparate group fo adventurers but chance has brought them together at the behest of a mysterious organization, the only contact they have beings the mysterious " L ".

After each receiving invitations and accompanying rings bearing symbols that many can connect to events in their past the group is brought together when the rings teleport them to the city of Eldolan near the Arch Mage’s capital of Horizon. “L” directs the groups attention to the outside turmoil which centers around a smallish yet quite formidable flying realm that sits directly above the city and seems to be infested with a goblin tribe which leaps from the hovering rock into the streets of the city.

L describes it as an “interview,” and ask the players to locate and deal with a goblin shaman that is likely controlling the rock.

The party takes command of a ballista stationed on an inner wall of the city and uses it to fire a rope into the rock to use as a bridge. Unfortunately, for the group, the rope is just as usable to get off the rock as it is to get on and they find themselves in a moving battle to board the flying realm. As the battle grows literally more tense by the moment the party fights their way aboard just before the rope snaps, killing all the goblins climbing down.

Now within the caverns of the flying realm, the group makes their way inside fighting off small bands of goblins from outside. Within the core of the rock, the group finds a goblin shaman desperately struggling to maintain control of the flying realm.

Attempting to make their way to the shaman without sending the rock crashing into the city below the group battles through the goblin bodyguards around the shaman. Unfortunately, as the group makes their way toward the shaman the stress of battle takes its toll and the shaman looses control, shattering the magic staff he is using to control the realm. As the party listens to the stone smash into the roofs of homes below they fight their way to the shaman and threaten him into one final attempt to re-assert control. While the attempt is successful the power of the realm is too much for the shaman to channel without the power of the staff and his body is quickly consumed.

Quickly scrambling to find a solution, Vode channels the dark magics she has learned in her youth in order to rest a temporary control of the flying realm. By calling on a fragment of the energies of the Diabolist she stabilizes the rock before it crashes into the city below and manages to control its decent into the fields beyond the city.

As the chaos subsides several members of the group notice clues to the events of the day. Lief examines fragments of the shattered staff wielded by the goblin shaman and recognizes as fairly power magic associated with the High Druid. Gili hears subtle whimpering from somewhere in the cavern and traces it to its source to find a terrified and lost dwarven child imprisoned in a small nook in the cavern wall. Fernando locates an abandoned dwarven shrine that cradles a magical dagger than upon examination appears to be a gift from the priestess to the dwarven people.

As the party leaves the crashed flying realm they encounter L once again who congratulates them on passing the interview and welcomes them aboard. He informes them he will be in touch soon but needs to use the recently crashed flying realm to take care of some other business. As he is talking the party notices a small group fo elven wizards rush board the rock. A short while later a detachment of elven archers advance inside.

The last words L says to the group is, “Ah, yes. Please think of a name for your cell before I return. I’d also appreciate it if you could investigate the cause of these events. Thanks again, talk to you soon.”


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