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Team Venture

The team forms, a new member is brought aboard, and the group looks for answers.


The group officially join the organization and begins investigating the source of the Goblin Moon. Vode receives a very short letter and grisly gift from her long absent great great great grandfather. Meat join the party. The group discovers that the flying realm likely originated far to the south-west near the mountain of Cloudhome and set off in that direction. The poke and then attempt to avoid some highwaymen.

Important Characters


Full Story

As the chaos of the crashed moon subsides the party emerges into the large field several hundred yards south of the city of Eldolan. The goblins that survive the crash quickly scattered towards the nearby forest. They will likely not be threat for awhile, what’s a few more goblins in the woods.

Walking with a bounce in his step towards the group is " L ". He is clapping excitedly.

“Well done everyone, I think this counts as a success don’t you?”

“L” congratulates the party on a job well done. He informs them that he needs to be taking the moon away for another mission but that the group should take a few moments to search the caverns within the rock for any clues to its origin. Off in the distance can be seen a small cadre of elves approaching the crashed moon.

A quick search reveals several interesting details. 1) A long abandoned camp, that appears to have at one time been lived in by a druid based on that items the group finds. 2) A smaller side chamber is enclosed in a ramshackle paddock that contains the remains and possessions of about a dozen dwarves. The group takes some of their equipment to analyze the symbols to trace their source. Meanwhile, Gili comforts the Lost Dwarven Child previous found in the moon and attempts to find out what she can from her.

After the group has completed their search “L” hands them a wooden box containing 11 rings, each bearing a similar symbol to the ones found on the rings used to teleport the group here. “L” explains that these rings can be used to gather the group together at a moments notice. Putting on one of the 10 “bound” rings will teleport the wearer to the location of the one wearing the “master” ring. Each member is given one of the “bound” rings. “L” offers to send anyone back to where they were prior to being brought to Eldolan so that they can put the ring on in that location, giving them an easy way to return there, should they need to. The newly arrived elven cadre, comprised of members of each elven shard, and “L” board the moon which takes off moments later. As the moon drifts away to the NE the group gets a glimpse of a side of the realm they hadn’t seen before. On the bottom of the moon a large chunk has been scooped out as if something quite large took a bite out of it.

Fernando and Vode each head towards Eldolan to see if they can learn more about their discoveries. Gili begins questioning the dwarven child, however in an attempt to approach the child who is currently being comforted by her kitten she spooks the child who runs towards Eldolan, Gili gives chase.

Meanwhile, one of the original teleportation rings finally reaches its intended recipient, a monk named Content Not Found: meat who had been hiding from his abusive and still bitter father. Receiving a ring from a small sprite who motions that Meat should put the ring on, Meat placates the small creature and finds himself standing in the same field south of Eldolan looking at the back of a dwarf who appears to be chasing a dwarven child. Noticing a box tied to the adult dwarves pack that bears the same symbol as the ring he was just given, he also gives chase.

Vode takes the symbols found on the dwarven remains to the cities register hoping to learn more about their origins. On the way he encounters his grandfather Content Not Found: vax‘s undead gnomish manservant Specula or “Speky”. He is given a small box sealed with a wax seal bearing the symbol of the house of Arpa by the silent servant. The box contains a want made from the fused fingerbone of what an attached note explains was the finger of his grandfather Vax’s brother. Tucking the wand away Vax makes his way to the register in the wealthy quarter. Buttering up the bookish halfling registrar Vode learns that the symbol found on the equipment found on the dwarves is associated with a dwarven clan based largely to the southwest.

Fernando approaches a guard in town and inquiries as to where someone in town might who would no more regarding its origins. The guard directs him to the local dwarven guild for more information.

Gili, still chasing the dwarven child finally decides to bring an end to the pursuit and safely tackles the child, giving Meat a chance to catch up. Wrestling with the terrified child they are approached by a humbly dressed dwarven priest who, with an air of authority demands and explanation for the scene before him. Gili attempts to explain the situation and where the child comes from but the priest remains weary for the benefit of the child and requests that they all accompany him to his temple to settle the matter. While the group walks Meat questions Gili regarding the nature of the ring he was given, the symbol it bears and their apparent connection. He learns from her about “L” and the organization he represents and that they are working for. Meat decides to tag along to learn more.

Fernando reaches the dwarven guild and enters a small temple to the side of the workshop where most of the cities dwarves labor on their craftsmanship. Inside he attempts to glamor the priests in order to learn more; however, his attempts falter and he instead manages to anger the priests who demand to know what business he has there and by what authority he would attempt to manipulate them. Fernando adroitly avoids the worst of the priests anger and somewhat calms the situation. Luckily about this time Gili, Meat, the dwarven child, and the priest encountered on the road arrive. Seeing one of their own amongst the group calms the priests and every discusses recent events.

From the discussion with the priests, the party learns that the shrine is associated with a dwarven god of volcanoes and would likely be found in a town nearby or in a volcano. They also confirm what Vode discovered at the registrar regarding the clan iconography being mostly centered in regions of the Giantwalk to the South West. The child, also calmed by the temple, finally opens up as well. She discloses she comes from a mountain she describes as flat topped. She also tells a story of fleeing from her home during a great earthquake, boarding the flying rock along with her family, and then her people fighting off little green people who escaped onto the rock too. Her story ends with the summit of the flat top mountain exploding as a giant worm bit the rock. Following this story she collapses into tears and won’t relate the rest of what happened.

With the information gathered the party can safely guess the location of the dwarven child’s home was likely the mountain known as Cloudhome, a flat-topped mountain frequented by flying realms. The group agrees to head that way and pools their resources to hire half-orc guide Olga to aid them in their journey through the Dire wood and over the Giantwalk Mountains.

On the way the group learns of a band of highwaymen from a suspicious character who talks to Fernando. They are also asked to deal with another group hiding out in the Dire Wood to help their “mutual friend”. Fernando suspects this to be the Priest of Shadows, who he is now on poor terms with but that perhaps this individual had old information.

The group decides to cautiously stick to the main road and spots a scout for the highwaymen who they manage to capture and question, but not before he manages to get off a signal to his group. Deciding to avoid the highwaymen now that their presence is known the group leaves the road. Unfortunately, several of the bandits find them in the forest and attempt to ambush them.


“Priest of Shadows” → “Prince of Shadows”?

“Deciding to avoid the highwaymen now that their presence is known the group leaves the road. Unfortunately, several of the bandits find them in the forest…”: or as Fernando tells it, “After saving the party from a deadly ambush, Fernando inspires his comrades to take the fight to the enemy and heroically assault their forest hideout.”

Team Venture
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