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A laboratory out of time

The group continued their journey into the Giantwalk mountains with the aid of their guide Olga. After the unexpected fate of Fernando and the appearance of the oddity of Kronus, the group makes the choice to press on into the mountain pass.

Heading up a narrow nearly impossible to find mountain pass the group makes their way through a gorge that leads through the mountains. Unfortunately, the group runs into a problem when the pass turns out to be blocked by a recent slide. Lief identifies the slide as the recent work of unknown agents of the High Druid but it is Kronus who finds the barely visible base of an ancient pillar, faded rune of protection and all.

Several members of the group make attempts to investigate the oddity including Lief who burrows into the gorge cliff side to see if further evidence can be found within and runs afoul of some form of damaging magic several feet into the cliff. Guided by Lief’s unexpected encounter the group decides to dig into the cliff side only to find the cliff side is mostly comprised of an illusion to hide the presence of an ancient tunnel that leads into the earth. Carved into the top of the arch are ancient runes dating back to the 6th Age that roughly translate as “School of Kronusetics.” Disturbed by the usage of his name as an apparent school of study Kronus and the party enters the tunnel.

After walking for nearly three miles into the earth the group enters a small workshop filled with more tomes on ancient history than any has seen before, covering periods between the 2nd and 9th age. While many of the books are rotted beyond recovery Vode discovers an ancient phylactery dating back to the 6th age, quite possibly one of the first ever constructed. However, upon further investigation, he discovers that the phylactery is, in fact, a well-engineered fake that when used creates a very convincing illusion that the user is infusing their soul into the foul artifact while leaving them intact.

Meat discovers an odd statue holding a lantern aloft but facing the wall instead of the room. Investigating the surrounding area he brushes up against the lantern. Suddenly the lantern shudders to life and the wall around the statue evaporates in a quarter sphere that leads into the previously solid wall. The statue then begins to take steps into the newly opened area taking his bubble of clear space with him. Deciding to follow the statue the group enters the bubble and journeys into the unknown.

No sooner as the workshop disappeared from sight as the bubble closes behind them then strange constructs of clockwork step out of the stone at the edges of the bubble. These constructs flicker and shudder between times as they rapidly shift between shining new figures of engineering marvel to decrepit rusted monstrosities. They advance onto the party even as the statue continues its relentless march forward. A pitched moving battle ensues as the strange constructs from out of time engage with the party. As the battle rages the bubble of safe space they travel within occasionally reveals alcoves and other oddities and the group comes to realize that the statue is walking down some sort of tunnel that they both can’t see or interact with without the statues guiding lantern. Thankfully after what feels like hours of battle the edge of the protected sphere breaks through into daylight and the attacking constructs vanish.

As the group emerges into daylight the statue comes to a halt. It stands still for a moment before it begins to judder and start its form shift between a male elven figure, an immaculate and new version of the statue the group had traveled with, the weathered and old statue they had traveled with, and a pile of dust. After observing this strange phenomenon for a few moments Kronus decides to forcefully push the golem from its temporal loop and hits it. Suddenly the statue is knocked to the ground, now back to its original weather-beaten form and stands. The statue introduces itself as Breldin and informs them it has a message for Kronus, but will accompany them until it can confirm his identity.

As they recover from their recent ordeal the group looks upward and realizes they now gaze upon the slopes of Cloudhome their long-sought destination.


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